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Youth and Teen Mentoring

Through education and mentorship, we develop relationships with youth and teens who need examples of healthy friendships and role models.

We have partnered with the CA Department of Corrections to offer solutions and encouragement to today's Sacramento area youth and teens.





outreach ministry

M.A.D. Ministries Stands for Making A Difference. We offer outreach programs for Youth, Adults, Veterans & the Homeless. Please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you!

Who is MAD Minitries, Inc?

MAD Ministries Inc is an international yet local outreach ministry and organization that is centrally located in the greater Sacramento area. We focus on uniting communities across the nation through caring and compassion, providing much-needed resources to teens, families, veterans, and the homeless population. We are Making a Difference, also known as MAD, in lives by assisting individuals with developing self-management skills. No organization does a better job of proactively and effectively serving our community than MAD Ministries. Let me explain!


MAD Ministries operates on faith- and community-based model that works! By loving and engaging people where they are, not where we expect them to be, and providing the resources they need, individuals and families are equipped to make better choices and change their situations. We understand that change doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we’re committed to loving and serving our community for the long haul, allowing significant and lasting change to take place within our neighborhoods.


Through education and our mentorship program, we develop relationships with youth and teens who need examples of healthy friendships and role models. Working in collaboration with the California Department of Corrections, MAD offers a Youth Diversion program targeting youth behavioral challenges within our communities.


We also provide counseling resources to America’s Hero’s, the veterans, offering a safe space for you to share and learn. Through faith-based counseling and community resources, we are committed to seeing our communities grow in healthy ways, making good decisions, and receiving the help they need to do so. When you give us a call, you will be connected to one of our directors who can answer your questions and explain how you can get involved with us or access our many resources.

Who are the directors of the outreach ministry?

Dr. Guy Washington and Dorothy Washington are the Executive Directors of MAD Ministries in the greater Sacramento area. Please go to our about us page from more information on Dr. Guy and Dorothy as well as our other staff.

What is your approach?

Our approach is to share Christian Love with people and assist them in obtaining the available resources they need to change their situations for the better if, in fact, they choose to do so.


No one can make that choice to accept the individual themselves. We understand that change does not happen overnight but is a lengthy process.

We are committed to assist and support people through their challenging times with Caring and Compassion.


Guy and Dorothy Washington have been actively working with disadvantaged populations since 1998 when they incorporated Making A Difference Outreach as a 501 C-3 Non-Profit organization.


There are a variety of services offered to diverse local populations including services for; homeless veterans, general homeless, low-income populations and their families, At-Risk youth, and the nation's parolees re-entering various local communities.

What specific programs do you offer?

We offer programs for teens, adults families, veterans, and the homeless. Our outreach ministry programs include:

  • Mental Health & Behavioral Counseling - Veterans, Adults, Youth Mentoring, Couples & Families

  • Stress Relief & Problem-Solving Support Groups

  • Educational Workshops-Anger Management, Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Mentoring & Fellowship

  • Homeless Outreach ministry to the streets feeding, clothing, and empowering those in need with much-needed resources. Empowerment through helping hands, a "Hand-up" as opposed to a "hand-out" is helping people help themselves.

How can we contact MAD Ministires, Inc?

If you are looking to join one of our programs or if you are looking to help out please give us a call at 916-517-9680. Please also feel free to email us at any time by using our contact form. We are looking forward to talking meeting with you!



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